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San Francisco 2013-2014 Plays

The San Francisco Playhouse 2013-2014 Season features eight plays: three Broadway hits, one off-Broadway hit, a world premiere, and a musical classic, plus two World Premieres in our Sandbox Series. The six-play Main-stage season begins with Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo on October 1st, 2013, and closes with Into the Woods in September 2014. Buy theater tickets nowRead the 2013-2014 Season Press Release (PDF)


Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Written by Rajiv Joseph

October 1st to November 16th

Press Opening, October 5th

In this Pulitzer Prize finalist, two US Marines and an Iraqi translator are thrust into a world of greed, mystery and betrayal after an encounter with a now-deceased but still very pissed-off tiger. The streets of war-torn Baghdad are filled with ghosts, riddles and wry humor in this groundbreaking play that explores the power and perils of human nature.

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storefront-160Storefront Church

Written by John Patrick Shanley

November 26th to January 11th

Press Opening, November 30th

God vs. Gelt. Is it a moral failing to collect the rent? Find out when a politically savvy Bronx borough politician faces a Pentecostal minister who’s short on faith. Will the mortgage get paid? If so, at what cost?

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Written by Jez Butterworth

January 21st to March 8th

Press Opening, January 25th

Everyone wants Johnny. His son wants to go to the county fair. His mates want his stash and his booze. County officials want him evicted. Whatever happened to the simple life in the country? Come find out in this hit Tony and Olivier winning play!

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Written by Lauren Gunderson

March 18th to April 19th

Press Opening, March 22nd

Why did he stop? Imprisoned by the Nazis, he sketched on scraps. His fiery love affair with Hilla Rebay (Guggenheim curator) lasted a lifetime. The Guggenheim was built to house his work. Why did the genius that survived all that suddenly stop painting? This is a San Francisco Playhouse commissioned work.    

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By Theresa Rebeck

April 29th to June 14th

Press Opening, May 3rd

Five hundred dollars a week for all the abuse you can take. And maybe sex. That’s what four aspiring novelists pay for a ten-week private writing class with the legendary Leonard. It’s a smorgasbord of vicious, and very funny, wordplay, as innocence collides with experience in this biting Broadway comedy about power, sex, and art.  

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Into the Woods

By James Lapine (book) and Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics)

June 24th to September 6th

Press Opening, June 28th

What happens after Happily Ever After? In Sondheim and Lapine’s beloved musical retelling of the Grimm classics, a parade of familiar folktale figures find their way “Into the Woods” and try to get home before dark.

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All of the San Francisco plays listed above are productions of the San Francisco Playhouse, located at 450 Post Street on Union Square. For directions, click here. For tickets, please visit our San Francisco theater tickets page.

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